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The hotel website is as important as the brochure

The individual homepage has not only become a hotel’s most important information and presentation medium nowadays, but it should above all offer a product or service “…at the best price” – and ideally on the same webpage! On the one hand, it is therefore a matter of having an attractive design with comprehensive information in modern technical architecture. On the other hand, however, it is also important to consider usability and user-friendliness, to ensure transparent monitoring and to influence your website ranking in a positive way.

We programme our customer websites using various content management systems, which naturally take these aspects into consideration and enable simple editing and updating for our customers. We also develop social media editorial calendars and manage your posts and feedback on the various social media channels and platforms.

SEO - we want to see you on the top

Search engine optimization

Fundament of a successful website

During the concept and programming stages of a new website, our first priority is the organic search, or rather the findability. For example, a high organic ranking is largely based on valuable content and ideal structure. As a result, it is important to make sure that a particular page has the optimal architecture, texts contain the right keywords and search terms, and these are properly defined and allocated, good link building is performed, images are not too large, a good layout is achieved… and much more!

Moreover, all words and phrases should be well thought out, formulated and counted, from the title to the description, and from the headline to the keyword. However, the content should be primarily written with your guests in mind, and not for the search engine, i.e. the text should be stimulating, informative and enjoyable to read. Specific keywords and search terms should be deliberately incorporated into the relevant places in the headings and continuous text – this is all part of the solid SEO work that we perform for our customers.


Meta information


Headlines & text




Passion for you SEO

Top ranking at Google – just organic, without advertising, without adwords, without additional costs!

With the website ‘www.hotelfoto.de’ (the very website on which you currently find yourself), we managed to get a top Google ranking within 10 months under the key search terms that apply to us by using optimal architecture, top server requirements and select content. Through the optimisation of the terms ‘hotelfoto’, ‘hotelfotografie’ and ‘hotelfotograf’ within all content, text, images, and page titles and descriptions, we succeeded in gaining such an optimal ranking without incurring any advertising or additional costs!

That is exactly what we want to do for you!

Ranking 'hotelfotograf'