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Hotel photography is one of DH STUDIO WERBEAGENTUR’s most important service areas for this sector. As the photo takes centre stage, it is a key medium for communicating your business message. No words of explanation are required provided your hotel photo arouses sufficient interest, creates desire, signals well-being and exudes professionalism.

We incorporate our longstanding professional experience into our hotel photography. We understand down to the last detail what makes a good hotel presentation: how a bed should be made, a table covered or a hand towel laid out. We also place great importance on specific lighting moods, exciting detail and thematic compositions, which we call visual marketing. It is not about taking a ‘catalogue photo’, but about arousing curiosity, telling a story and deliberately highlighting a hotel’s advantages within this. You can see how we specifically achieve this by viewing some examples within our galleries.

You are welcome to click our ‘request photo’ button to open the checklist, select your desired images and themes and have them sent to you online. Your individual selection will be sent to you straight away.

Dirk Holst

Lithographer, graphic-designer, communications administrator and photographer

The photos should incorporate a love for the sector, enthusiasm for the hotel and hospitality industries and, above all, an understanding of both the guest and host! That is why Dirk Holst has been personally photographing most of his creations for many years. He has built up a strong team around him over the years, who also work in an expert capacity for the sector.

Professional video productions

Hotel videos and image films

The themes of hotel video and promotional film are also really important to us. Professional equipment is set up for this: cameras, tripods, lights and many accessories are available at the agency, while we are assisted by hardworking camera people. And now we can present the first promotional films here. Contact us if this subject is of interest to you!