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Hotel advertising with commitment and heart

What we want:

We understand both the industry and the market. Very well, in fact.

Now we would like to get to know you, and to sit down and talk things through with you and your company. We would like to hold discussions with you, think outside the box and define common objectives. Naturally, this should have a strategic focus and be target-group-oriented and therefore fresh and creative in all areas of sophisticated hotel communication.

All with a view to delighting your guests!

For some years now, we have cultivated an extensive network of contacts within the industry, been exhibitors at trade fairs such as the ITB in Berlin and Beauty in Düsseldorf, and attended numerous trade events, conferences, conventions and other trade fairs. Furthermore, we act as sponsors for SpaCamp and NaturkosmetikCamp, and have a wide range of deeply rooted partnerships. We value the exchange of knowledge and experience in helping us to understand how particular sectors are developing, what is on the minds of our customers, and how we can develop successful solutions.


Dirk Holst

Dirk Holst


The CEO and owner is a professional lithographer, studied graphic-designer, communications administrator and passionate photographer.


Nathalie Wirths

Nathalie Wirths

Graphic- and web design

Professional media designer, head of studio from 2005-2018 and self employed concerning the departments of graphic and web design since the beginning of 2019 with hey na! MEDIENDESIGN.


What we do:

DH STUDIO is an owner-managed advertising agency that was founded in 1988 and has since gained experience in many different industry sectors. A real passion has developed over the last 15 years for the tourism, hotel, catering, beauty and wellness sectors – sectors which we love ourselves and which challenge and inspire us!
Under the studio management of Nathalie Wirths, concept-oriented creative individuals work in graphics and digital fields, develop corporate designs, logos and visuals, design advertisements, catalogues and brochures, and programme and implement successful websites.
In addition to four graphical workstations, the agency has its own photo studio for people and product photography, which means that even complex productions can be fully realised in-house without undue delay. From hotel flyers to image brochures, from logo design to customer magazines, from web design to search engine optimisation – DH STUDIO is a one-stop shop for all these services.
Dirk Holst is also part of the ‘Macher-Netzwerk’ (Makers’ Network), a cooperation of specialists from the hotel industry who have made it their aim to be ‘Makers of Revenue’ for their hotel customers.