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DH STUDIO – specialized in hospitality, tourism and life style

For our hotel customers, we recommend two types of images: those for the head and those for the stomach. In other words, the themes and settings for the IBEs and portals should be photographed differently than for the guest who is visiting the particular website or who is browsing through the hotel brochure!

Many hotels predominantly prefer themes and settings that merely present ‘a lot’ but, at the same time, visually distance themselves from the viewer. The image that reaches out much more to the guest is the one which shows less, which has an exciting design in terms of light and definition, which is kept more compact and hones in on detail – because it is essentially more emotional. This is exactly what we bear in mind with our photo creations and we always send our customers both types of hotel photo!

You can see how we implement this in the individual hotel areas by viewing our various galleries.

MAKING OF – take a look behind the scenes

Behind our nice, professional finished images lie hard work and energy, down to the smallest detail. This starts from as early as the preparation stage, with a support briefing provided by DH STUDIO to the relevant departments within the hotel. At the location itself, on set, it is frequently all the small adjustments that are done by hand that give our photos a slight visual edge over the rest.

What is really important is our team, our freelance staff who have worked alongside Dirk Holst over the years in various ‘occupations’ and who have shown great dedication and professionalism: assistants, make-up artists, stylists and, last but not least, the staff and the ‘managers’ on the customer side. There were one or two unusual moments which simply had to be captured on camera…